Make Fear Your Super-Power

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What do you mean by “Fear-Setting”?

Both Goal-Setting and Fear-Setting ask you to be very specific about your possible future, but where Goal-Setting emphasises what you hope for if things go right, with Fear-Setting, you focus on everything that could possibly go wrong. With Goal-Setting, people are told to write SMART goals that are:

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Can Fear be a Super-Power?

Fear is usually associated with the three F’s: fighting, fleeing, or freezing. In other words, fear usually reduces our options to the simplest, most immediate response, the quickest way to remove whatever makes us afraid. Fighting happens when fear becomes anger, which arises when we think we can overwhelm what we fear, while fleeing handles fear by removing ourselves from whatever might harm us. Freezing (also known as being petrified) is what we do when can neither fight nor flee, instead hoping that by keeping still we will remain unnoticed, and the fearful event will pass us by.



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